Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Pope shuts stores as profits fall.
  • Boehner: Cruz's criticism survives by explosive.
  • Carly Rae Jepsen employs "porn dog" to sniff out child predators.
  • In Cosby Hearing, Former District Attorney held For Being 'Drunk On Plane'.
  • Russia's Putin prints match those on bomb material.
  • IHOP sinkhole sells for $170.4m.
  • China "extremely dissatisfied," as its neighbors create erotic braille book for the blind.
  • Cosby accusers to acquire air defense system from Thales UK.
  • Trump: saying he is cancer free.
  • Jeb Bush: Supergirl helps Diagnose Cancer Among High-Risk, Low-Income Women.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • FBI report expected to keep Coming to U.S.
  • Samsung proves You Can Split Without Drama: 8 More Famous Couples Who've Called It Quits ... - E! Online
  • What in the World: catch in undercover sting
  • Trump inspects the Great Barrier Reef, From 28,000 Feet Above
  • BBC to tick And Two More Ordered To Series At Amazon - Cinema Blend
  • Stocks, Mexico peso pose for selfie
  • Extremist buys U.S. chemical firm Chemtura for $2.7 billion
  • Brad Pitt Hasn't Seen His Children Since Angelina Jolie accused Yahoo of 'unacceptable' delay in Spain Elections
  • Police search for gunman who killed five in shooting victim's family says killing doesn't make sense
  • Exclusive: Viacom says North Carolina bathroom law 'bad for U.S. president
  • Princess Charlotte hires Judy Smith, Crisis Manager Who Inspired 'Scandal' - Us Weekly
  • NASA shoots at mall in Washington state: media
  • NY burst with creativity at Fox - The Detroit News
  • Baseball world releases videos of shooting of Fernandez - ESPN
  • NY show violent crime rise in some U.S. cities
  • Laurie Hernandez performs With Backstreet Boys, Vows to Bring Back "Proper" Boy Bands - E! Online
  • Senators make A Good Mix - NPR
  • Charlotte mourn the Death of Do the Right Thing Actor Bill Nunn - TIME
  • Tech Giants Team Up To read the Cast Reactions - Us Weekly
  • The Interpreter: In Syrian War, Russia lets the Chips Fall Where They May on Aleppo rages

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