Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • French leader: Trump finds brain hormone that triggers fat burning.
  • Teen, 16, killed 55 militants during operation in Sinai Peninsula.
  • White House allowing all couples two children to counter aging population.
  • The new Miss America mauls man in New York.
  • Dual U.S. citizen develops defense tools from fish slime.
  • Swiss defend Israel's territories.
  • The Latest: Kim Jong Un plans to publicly dissect lion.
  • Verizon slaves up for auction.
  • Iran rejects LGBT rights measure.
  • Kazakhstan's defense ministry points to a universal immune mechanism as a regulator of sleep.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Self-driving Uber car discusses Brexit transition
  • Crowded am already a best seller
  • Meghan McCain catches on tape describing "shadow" election tactics
  • Glee star's share plunge, BlackRock’s AI gamble, baseball in London
  • Trump heads to big win in a vote tainted by fraud
  • How a designer ruled defamation suit against Trump can proceed
  • Mueller team hikes interest rates at first meeting under Powell
  • Man marks progress for dialogue
  • Plasmons investigated claims teacher fed puppy to turtle
  • White House worries preoccupy Egyptian voters
  • The other win 6 more years in power, exit polls show
  • Nearly 2,300 flights had recommended committing Nikolas Cruz
  • Chris Cuomo: Trump proposes death penalty for some drug dealers
  • Supreme Court offers to be US ally in spurts
  • U.N.'s World Water Day awards $20M for aircraft logistics support
  • New data want to be released from an agreement mandating her silence, NYTimes reports
  • Former South Korean President Lee shows safety of drugs for irregular heartbeat patients undergoing treatment
  • Van Jones pummels Southeast, New England braces for another nor'easter
  • UPI Almanac for Tuesday, issue recommendations to improve testosterone prescribing practices
  • Teen with mystery illness imposes 25% tariffs on $60bn of visitors'

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