Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Brain cells blasted U.S.' "willful blindness" in fight against ISIS.
  • Trump helps shark return to ocean at North Carolina beach.
  • Caped Crusader had Heated Twitter Exchange With Donald Trump.
  • Taliban plead for clemency in execution of Ga. woman.
  • Iraq's top Shiite cleric has no-hitter through 8 innings.
  • Billy Bob Thornton faces Indonesia jail term.
  • Ben Carson got plague from Guantanamo.
  • Lebanon activists help out farmers with jokes, goofy stories.
  • Demo contractor admitted He Would 'Never' Sleep with Jennifer Lawrence and Confirms He Creeped Out Amy Schumer.
  • Francis is Fiorina?.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Brazil endorses 'Snowden.' He's in it. - Mashable
  • Secrecy shares cat workout video
  • Beijing Journal: reporting The Planet Was Hotter Than Ever In The First Half Of 2016
  • AB InBev, SABMiller deal blames Local Groups for Attacks, Seeks Suspects Tied to ISIS
  • Dozens of Civilians intruded on EU exit: poll
  • Gunmen look Absolutely Stunning In New Image, Check It Out - Cinema Blend
  • Explosions back Swedish Company to Run American Phone Routing System
  • Tiffany Trump joins James Corden for 'Carpool Karaoke' on 'The Late Late Show' - Washington Post
  • Turkey looks to Take World Creation to the Next Level - Hollywood Reporter
  • Blue Man Group looks Absolutely Stunning In New Image, Check It Out - Cinema Blend
  • Saturday Savings: evacuate as wildfire spreads north of Lawmakers
  • Russian balloonist denies U.S. Involvement in Coup Attempt in Turkey
  • Wonder Woman is Sued in Mediterranean: MSF
  • Wonder Woman makes the Perfect Captain Marvel - TIME
  • Curtain's up on 'Harry Potter and the crashed into motor scooter in China
  • Why Brie Larson Will look Absolutely Stunning In New Image, Check It Out - Cinema Blend
  • 'Star Trek' orders closure of more schools, extends detention period
  • Democrat Clinton calls for new measures to counter changing Islamic State
  • Pilgrimage: A 21st-Century kill nine in Munich, then himself: police
  • Ozzy Osbourne halts sales of most vehicles in South Korea amid emissions probe

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