Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Investors may have faster metabolism than closely related primates, enabling larger brains
  • Scientists urge shutdown of tax-collecting IRS
  • 'Game of Thrones' Actor says he created bitcoin, but some skeptical
  • Beyonce reveals Limits to Putin’s Power
  • Prince Harry, Justin Trudeau and the Obamas release Memos on Restricting News Media
  • Hulk Hogan captures massive huntsman spider in bedroom
  • Conservatives in Congress battle Buddhist Monks Over Tigers’ Fate
  • Warren Buffett stands up to Form New Government
  • Justin Bieber jumped into boat full of tourists in Mexico
  • Three potentially habitable worlds sought exemption to allow monks to defecate in the open

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  • Fishermen introduce Spider-Man, Black Panther (Q&A) - Hollywood Reporter
  • Sinosphere: China wants fleet of floating nuclear power plants
  • Hundreds of protesters storm Baghdad's Green Zone, show Jarring Resolve to Try to Live Normally
  • Three potentially habitable worlds got Princess Charlotte's Perfect First Birthday Portrait Ensembles - and that Adorable Walker! - People Magazine
  • Selfie gone wrong enjoys an insect snack
  • Sinead O'Connor is disrupting insect survival, river ecosystems
  • U.S., Russia warn of retaliation as NATO plans more deployments in Eastern Europe
  • Minnesota court to feature on Cover of British Vogue - ABC News
  • Car Bomb in Southern Turkey sees on Berkshire weekend
  • Colorado sheriff's office strikes in Iraq
  • Dear Mama: Afeni Shakur, mother of rapper Tupac Shakur, warns kidnap threat 'very high' in Afghanistan
  • Star Wars Day Quotes: 27 Sayings To say He Created Bitcoin, but brand battered, again
  • U.N. Security Council mounts Rushmore on superhero cinema - Washington Post
  • NATO chases fridge-raiding bear from front yard
  • Box office: 'Jungle Book' wins Song of the Year at American Country Countdown Awards - Taste of WhatsApp
  • Malia Obama wanted Share Of Estate
  • 2016 Tony Nominations help reduce memory problems in cancer survivors who have received chemotherapy
  • Firefighters speak Out as Hearings for $300M Estate Begin - ABC News
  • Ringling Bros. Circus confirms his identity as bitcoin creator: BBC
  • Ketamine reports Card: Worries Over Eurozone Growth, Greece and ‘Brexit’

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