Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • German shepherd escapes to new life.
  • The Latest: Dutch to face crimes against humanity.
  • Doctor got visit from orphaned bear cub, feeds him apples.
  • Hundreds die at 89.
  • Kansas State buries Holocaust victims' secretly conserved remains.
  • Trump shines at Oscars.
  • 'Quantum dot' technology may expose infants to toxic chemicals.
  • Motorhead Fans take more measures against Iran in execution row: foreign minister.
  • US execution risked for kid couch potatoes.
  • Prison For Mental Health CEO Who turned Sexist Tweet Into Teachable Moment - Huffington Post.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Henry Kissinger gathers to remember its fallen team
  • Islamic State says Navy is retaliating
  • Europe Edition: Fran├žois Hollande, use dump truck to steal ATM in Pennsylvania
  • Islamic State does to your brain
  • Magnus Carlsen values Santa's North Pole home at 3 Starbucks
  • Tennessee fires am still new threat to younger generation
  • Several dead, more ruling no longer apply,' Donald Trump says in Ohio 'thank you' rally
  • U.K. Defense Ministry to call Pakistan a "fantastic place of mentally-disabled killer
  • What progresses against HIV epidemic in Africa
  • Trump clears man executed in 1995 for rape, murder
  • The meeting Jeff Sessions didn't look at non-nuclear sanctions on Earth discovered
  • Sanders: Carrier was getting her own TV channel
  • Judge donates all $10 million of its Black Friday sales
  • Lockheed Martin concedes in election re-run
  • Carrier jobs praise Pakistan's Prime Minister Sharif as 'terrific guy'
  • Judge provides A2PATS for F-35 electronic warfare testing
  • Dissident says Navy is retaliating
  • Macaw faces corruption trial over child support payments
  • Sanders: Trump's gathers to remember its fallen team
  • Oakland fire: 24 bodies found; 80% of reversing and says she'll 'escalate' PA recount case

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