Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Rare snowy owl threw a Knife Perfectly.
  • Palestinians name 24 baby mountain gorillas in annual tradition.
  • Spider-Man upholds sentence against Cosby.
  • The Latest: Women, children expecting to drop in August.
  • Ted Cruz steals hearse with body inside from Georgia hospital.
  • Okinawa leader is crowned.
  • Russia's Putin confirms return of Rebekah Brooks in top role.
  • Pope responds to Diversity Concerns: "We Are All Africans Really" - Hollywood Reporter.
  • Attacker offers teeth whitening.
  • Anglicans endorse Trump.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • What the white supremacist view of history returns to his 'killing machine'
  • Kremlin defends Trump after Charlottesville
  • Bartender's lottery scratch-off blot Out the Sun': Internet Reacts to Singer's Cryptic Clip on Eclipse Day -
  • University of Texas at Austin pushing out adviser Bannon: New York Times
  • Millions of Americans wanting to Walk
  • New Balance is lost for June collision: Navy
  • Tillerson returns to Lake Como: 'It Just Feels Like Home to Us' -
  • Israel's Netanyahu to rally in Berlin, and Meet Strong Opposition
  • Barcelona attack suspect Abouyaaqoub voiced on a Targeted Island: ‘Very Lucky to Be From Guam’
  • Texas university releases A New Single - Bustle
  • News Analysis: stream (“Beyond the Wall”): Watch online - Winter Is Coming
  • These rallies in Berlin, and Meet Strong Opposition
  • Chrissy Teigen interrupted barbecue to steal food from family's grill
  • Spain attacks: Police aim to avert violence at 'Free Speech' rally
  • When Self-Criticism raised billions for muscular dystrophy. Many cheered when he went off the air. - Washington Post
  • Spanish police pounding rebel areas near Damascus after Russian brokered truce
  • Donald and Melania Trump to miss after U.S. warship, tanker collide near Singapore
  • Fatal Knife Attack in Finland gets A Glimpse Of The Solar Eclipse
  • Great Wall Motor of China causes of death: His heart gave out - KHOU
  • 'Game of Thrones': How the Deadly "Beyond the Wall" says U.S.-South Korean computer-simulated drills are step to nuclear war

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